Destiny® Space Selfie

Take a selfie.
Send it to space.
Become legend.

Ever wanted to leave Earth? Here’s your chance.
Working with a satellite in Cape Canaveral, we created a real-time experience that sent your face into space.


The game ‘Destiny’ lets you explore our solar system like never before. At the E3 gaming convention, we wanted to show attendees what it felt like to leave Earth for the first time.


#DestinySelfie — the world’s first selfies sent to space. For 3 days, people tweeted us their best selfies and a deep space radio telescope beamed them to the stars. Then, they could follow their selfie’s progress in real-time through our website or via automated messages on Twitter as it passed celestial landmarks, uncovering unreleased pics from the game
along the way.

People followed their selfie’s progress in real-time on mobile, desktop, or through Twitter as they moved at light speed through the cosmos. The entire experience lasted 18 hours before the selfies traveled
into uncharted territory.

Destiny Selfie: Phone image

Selfies were compiled and launched every hour over the three-day event.

Destiny Selfie: Snoop Dogg selfies

The event was centered at E3, but gamers from all over the world
joined us in launching their selfies into space.


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