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What is What the Flip?

What happens when you give 100 college students 100 pocket-sized camcorders and eight different episode themes? You get an entirely new type of television show. One created by its audience for its audience. It’s user-generated content at its most authentic. Not simply sponsorship, it’s true brand integration. In other words, the show could only have been made by the product itself. This wasn’t simply telling people about a new way to video, it was demonstrating a new way to video. Each 1 minute show was an advertisement, but not an advertisement. It was a call to action to join a movement. To get a camera, get involved, and get on MTV. It was about inspiring the audience to come up with their own answer to: ‘What the Flip?’

The one-minute episodes debuted weekly during desirable time slots on MTV including The Hills, True Life, and Britney: For the Record.

  • Audience members could upload their own videos based to the upcoming themes to MTV.com
  • Each episode featured original music from an emerging artist selected by MTV
  • Reached an audience of over 17 million viewers over the course of the program.

As a result, Flip Videos saw a boost in its brand awareness (14 points) and purchase intent (6 points) amongst the target.

Eight 1-minute shows debut on MTV and MTVU at 8 p.m. on Mondays and Thursdays. Episodes and source footage could be seen on MTV.com. Audience members who went to MTV.com had a chance to win a Flip camcorder every day of the program by just watching videos. VJ and on-air tags promoted the show and encouraged viewer tune in. It was also promoted online across MTVN’s digital properties, and through content distribution tools such as embeddable players and widgets, as well as a seeding program and word of mouth. Events were incorporated to encourage trial of the product, and allow students to participate and share their stories on campus during mtvU’s Road Trip and at the Woodie Awards After Party.

Sample Episodes

Worst Date Ever
If I Could Change One Thing About the World
Share a Secret
Last Dream I Remember

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