Dance Central 2 stood out from its competitors with its collection of dance hits, professional choreography, and by being the first dance game to feature full-body side-by-side dance battles. In launching the game, our challenge was to promote these new features to a female audience aged 14-44 who were always on the move.


We created a mobile app that was as fun, social, and innovative as the game itself. The app – Dance*Cam – let users star in their very own music video. It edits video of someone dancing to the beat of the song, adding visual effects, and 'auto-tuning' their moves so that they look like a dance superstar, even if they've got two left feet. To reinforce the new feature which lets users battle side-by-side, the app does the same; users can challenge their friend through Facebook, and their two videos are merged (from any two devices, anywhere in the world) into one automatically. Then their friends can vote for who they think danced best


We successfully created a custom app from the ground up simultaneously across three platforms, inventively using Adobe's After Effects on Microsoft's Azure cloud computing network to make it all work. Dance*Cam promotes Dance Central 2 by giving users a fun, social, and innovative experience that not only complements the game, but enhances it. By giving users a social tool to share their best moves, we've created a piece of marketing that has as much longevity as the game itself.

Custom app built across three separate platforms.

Dance*Cam lets you star in your very own music video.

Choose from some of the biggest dance hits from the game to make your video. Each comes with its own unique edit.

Record yourself or a friend dancing to the song you've chosen.

Upload your video and we'll cut your steps to the beat of the song, add effects, and 'auto-tune' your moves so that it looks like you're dancing in rhythm.

Challenge your Facebook friends to a dance battle through the app. Upon acceptance, your two dance videos will be spliced together so that you're dancing side-by-side and the rest of your Facebook friends will be asked to decide the winner.