When YouTube launched its movie rental service, our mission was two-fold: let people know movie rentals were now on YouTube and highlight the key point of differentiation – each rental comes with a curated list of movie extras that help you "Get More Into" your favorite movies.


To bring this to life, we built the YouTube Movie Studio, where people could "Get More Into Movies" by starring in their own movie scene. This all-in-one studio contained multiple HD cameras and microphones, and with a suite of special effects and music, would edit your performance in real-time and then send you a YouTube video of your scene.


People spent on average 27 minutes engaging with the YouTube brand. First month rentals blew away projections and the YouTube Movie Studio made the evening news. 

Live in Times Square

The YouTube Movie Studio on location in Portland, OR.

Masthead Streaming

Fans could star in 5 movie scenes covering action, romance, horror, drama and zombie genres.


Cool guys (and girls) don’t look at explosions. In “Things Go Boom” you walk away from an exploding building and deliver the quintessential action one-liner.


The YouTube Movie Studio instantly edits, applies special effects and music and then sends an HD YouTube movie to your mobile.